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Challenges with Laboratory Data Integrity and Compliance

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):We’re here with Mitchell Wheeler today. Mitchell, it’s great to be talking to you. Mitchell is

Mack Powers

Maintaining Quality while reducing cycle times during the Clean in Place process

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):So Tom, it’s good having you again today. You and I have been talking about CIP

Mack Powers

Inspections and Audits – How to interact with health authorities

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):All right, Wendy. It’s great to be back with you today and chatting with you about

Mack Powers

Impacting Human Health – A Discussion with Dr. Wendy Haines – Board Certified Toxicologist

Mack Powers

What are the 4 T’s of a Clean In Place (CIP) System?

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:08):Hey, welcome today. I’m Mack Powers. I’m with Tom Whiteley. Today we’re going to be talking

Mack Powers

How Integrao helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage manufacturers resolve contamination issues

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):Okay. I’m here with Tom Whitely today. We’re talking about contamination in pharmaceutical facilities. Contamination really

Mack Powers

What do you do when you run out of engineering horsepower?

How Integrao supports clients by providing engineering resources for projects and challenges. Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:01):So you might have

Mack Powers

Commissioning and Qualification

Commissioning and qualification (C&Q) are terms and processes related to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical or biotechnology products. Each term represents

Mack Powers

4 Ways an Effective Validation Master Plan Can Impact Your Project

Validation, a requirement of the FDA, is an all-encompassing program that ensures your manufacturing facility’s equipment and processes function properly,

Mack Powers

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