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Quality and Compliance in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States. There are a

Mack Powers

MEP Engineers: What They Do and Why You Might Need One

As buildings have become more complex and technologically advanced, the role of MEP engineers has become more important. With their

Mack Powers

Robotics in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Achieving FDA Compliance with Automation

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is under intense scrutiny. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates

Mack Powers

Challenges of Facility Design and Construction for Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology companies have specific needs when it comes to the design and construction of their facilities. They need laboratories that

Mack Powers

Data Integrity

Data is critical throughout the drug life cycle in pharmaceutical, biotech, and other healthcare facilities, especially during the clinical research,

Mack Powers

Facility Management: Pharma 4.0

Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone a huge transformation with production moving from small-batch manufacturing to mass production

Mack Powers

Data Integrity: FDA 483s and Warning Letter Trends

As the FDA continues to ramp up its data integrity enforcement efforts, companies in the pharma, biotech, and food manufacturing

Mack Powers


In December 2018, the FDA issued draft guidance intended to help pharmaceutical companies comply with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP)

Mack Powers

Challenges with Laboratory Data Integrity and Compliance

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):We’re here with Mitchell Wheeler today. Mitchell, it’s great to be talking to you. Mitchell is

Mack Powers

Maintaining Quality while reducing cycle times during the Clean in Place process

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):So Tom, it’s good having you again today. You and I have been talking about CIP

Mack Powers

Inspections and Audits – How to interact with health authorities

Interview Transcript: Mack Powers (00:07):All right, Wendy. It’s great to be back with you today and chatting with you about

Mack Powers

Impacting Human Health – A Discussion with Dr. Wendy Haines – Board Certified Toxicologist

Mack Powers

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